What is VCUP!?

VCUP! is our discount Program. You just load a minimum of $100 and you get 15% off Used Vinyl and 10% off New Vinyl.

How to load?

Just Load a minimum of $100 and will create a VCUP! account for you. If reloading it will attach to your existing VCUP! account as long as you use the same email. Your email is your account code.

To use balance you Must have laoded one hour before the first time you you walk into the shop on any day & balance must cover entire purchase.

I.E. You cant load 15 minutes before you come in make a stack, leave and come back later to get VCUP discount.

There are NO SPLIT PAYMENTS ON VCUP! Purchases. (I.E. if your balance doesn’t cover your entire purchase you cannot use the balance for the discount on one album then pay separate for the rest). That is not the purpose of VCUP!. You can still use balance just cannot get discount. To get discount you would need to reload on top of purchase.

If neither apply you can load on top of your purchase but still get the discount. If you load less than an hour before you arrive you still get the discount but cant use the balance with discount. If you want to use balance loaded less than an hour prior to entering you will not get discount.

You are allowed 1 Vcup transaction per four hour period in one shop. i. e. you can go from Vinyl Cup Des Moines to Marvs in 30 minutes, but you can’t check out at Vinyl Cup Des Moines within four hours. These prevents folks from nickel and diming us. Again, no split payments either. To get discount your balance must truly cover your purchase, you reload on top of balance or you just don’t use VCUP or get the discount.

What about sales?

Exclusive sales for VCUP only and a higher discount on sales open to the public.

Where can i use VCUP!?

VCUP Is primarily for Vinyl Cup Records but can be used at Marvs Record Shop (Excluding RSD Days and Black Friday Weekend & Some other days that will be announced but it can always be used at Vinyl Cup),

Vinyl Cup Records Des Moines,

Vinyl Cup Records Omaha,

Vinyl Cup Records Cedar Falls,

Vinyl Cup Records Facebook For Sale Group,

Vinyl Brew Events and any event Vinyl Cup/Vinyl Brew is attending!

Only place you cannot use VCUP is our online shop and during Marv’s black out dates (Black Friday, RSD and some other dates as well, not often)

Remember: If VCUP does not cover your purchase or you dont have it prior to entering the shop you CAN load in the shop on top of your purchase. However if you load prior you can use balance on your VCUP! with out loading on top of purchase if it covers the entire order as long as loaded one hour prior.

VCUP is not an egift card, however the eGift Cards and Gift cards are used to load money on to your VCUP account. It can have 20 cards on one account and the balance is of the VCUP account so sometimes the receipt could be off from what your actual VCUP balance is.

VCUP! Sales are not for sellers/Dealers/Store Owners, we reserve the right to refuse vcup sales to sellers at any time. This is intended to reward our customers, not those wanting to resell our stock.

Click here to check the balance of a specific eGift card on your vcup account, note: this may not be the vcup balance but rather of that specific card. You will need your 16 digit redemption code. You can also associate your email.