What is VCUP!?

VCUP! is our discount Program. You just load a minimum of $100 and you get 15% off Used Vinyl and 10% off New Vinyl.

How to load?

Just Load a minimum of $100 and will create a VCUP! account for you. If reloading it will attach to your existing VCUP! account as long as you use the same email.

Des Moines Customers:

Omaha Customers:

Must have before you walk into the shop & balance must cover entire purchase. If neither apply you can load on top of your purchase but still get the discount.

What about sales?

Exclusive sales for VCUP only and a higher discount on sales open to the public.

Where can i use VCUP!?

Marvs Record Shop, Vinyl Cup Records Des Moines, Vinyl Cup Records Omaha, Vinyl Cup Records Facebook For Sale Group, Vinyl Brew Events and any event Vinyl Cup/Vinyl Brew is attending!

Remember: If VCUP does not cover your purchase or you dont have it prior to entering the shop you CAN load in the shop on top of your purchase. However if you load prior you can use balance on your VCUP! with out loading on top of purchase if it covers the entire order.

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