Marv’s Record Shop, Vinyl Cup Des Moines, Vinyl Cup Omaha Return/Exchange Policy:

Through January 31. 2022 All new vinyl Unopened will be available for return. All open new vinyl and used will apply to the following:

Here at Vinyl Cup/Marv’s we pride ourselves on quality and dependable product. Sometimes there can be manufacturer error on New Vinyl and even human error on used vinyl. Our number one goal is your satisfaction but also protecting our business. So here are our policies to protect both you, the consumer and our small business!

If you have a red cap needle type turntable (Crosley, Victrola, etc) we usually will not accept returns or exchanges. But read below and contact us if you have issues!


If you purchased New Vinyl from one of our three locations and an album skips and you have a “Red Cap Needle” type turntable we will not replace or return your album. Try to place a nickel on top of the needle and if it plays through that is your turntable and not the record itself. You may bring it in and if it skips on our turntable we will replace it.

Wave/Warp: if it has a wave or warp but plays fine we will not exchange this, try getting a weight to place on your record covering the label. If it affects play and you do not have a “red cap needle” type turntable we will replace only if skips on our turntable. If you do have a red cap needle type turntable and it skips we will replace.

If your new vinyl is deemed returnable we will exchange in store with a copy in stock, if not in stock we will order for you, if not able to order we will give you store credit.

If you have a red cap needle type turntable we will only replace is in stock or we can able and we will not give a store credit if we are unable to order.

If you purchased New Vinyl and wish to return due to Customer Error / You already Have it / You changed your mind we will not accept the return.

Used Vinyl:

IF THE ALBUM IS “AS IS” THERE IS NO RETURN. Our Bye Felicia Bin is also AS IS and there are no returns for these albums.

If you have a red cap needle type turntable we will not accept a return. If you do not have a red cap turntable and the album skips on our turntable we will allow store credit for the value paid after discount.

If your album has an imperfection not noted on the label/sticker we will give you store credit for the album or method of payment will be refunded to you, whichever you prefer. We sincerely hope to not make these types of mistakes but they do happen and we will make it right!

To return or exchange it must have the label on the album that we used to price it.

Unfortunately there are asshats out there that will sometimes buy an album and bring it back after swapping it out with a different copy in worse condition. So unfortunately we reserve the right refuse a return/exchange on all used vinyl purchases.

There are absolutely NO returns or exchanges after 30 days and you must have a receipt or provide us with your name and email at time of purchase that attaches to your order as proof.

No proof of purchase results in no exchange.

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