Vinyl Cup Records


We began as a Facebook Group in August 2017 and in August 2018 we opened our doors as a Record Shop in the Historic Beaverdale Neighborhood of Des Moines with one goal, to not be an ordinary record store that our city had many of. Our desire was to offer a unique experience for our customers.

When you arrive, you will notice we do not have a counter, posters are not plagued on the wall, you will be offered a complimentary beverage of your choice, a neat collection with one genre “A to Z”, a cozy vibrant listening room and a super friendly staff to help guide you through your record digging experience.

It is our mission to connect people over great music and brew. Whether that brew of choice is that of a well crafted beer or coffee. If we cater to just current collectors our music community will not grow like it has. We welcome everyone in our space and encourage non-vinyl enthusiasts to give it a shot! Bringing new listeners to the vinyl community is why we do what we do! Most of our customers are now our good friends!

Don’t have a record player? Great! Buy a record and then you’ll get a record player!

L.W. Dickens XXI