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Artist Managing


When Vinyl Cup began in 2017, we were very artist first focused. We truly changed how artists would be taken care of with respect to In Store performances/Appearances, ticketed shows and more. It was our focus to make sure they were taken care of financially, socially and in any way possible.

In 2021 when working with Riley Downing on a project he asked our founder Luke Dickens to be his manager. It was his focus to the business side of thing and the fight he has for artists. Shortly after, Luke began to work with Melissa Carper while helping her in securing her next record deal for the album Ramblin Soul. In the fall of 2022 Emily Nenni brought Luke to her team as her Manager.

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Emily Nenni

Riley Downing

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Melissa Carper 2022

Emily Nenni

“What I love about country is the songs can be very honest and vulnerable, yet they’re beautiful enough to make you cry,” she notes. “My music is sweet and sad, but I don’t take myself too seriously. It’s old school honky-tonk with a slightly different flavor.”

-Emily Nenni

Riley Downing

You may know Riley Downing from his work with acclaimed New Orleans combo the Deslondes, or perhaps from his similarly rootsy and wide-ranging catalog of songs with the Tumbleweeds – indeed, the Missouri-based singer-songwriter’s ability to set gripping, evocative narratives within soundscapes that weave together country, blues, folk, r&b, bluegrass, rock, soul and whatever else catches his ear is something that, once you hear it, is hard to shake free from. Same goes for that voice – deep, dusty and drawling, it’s an instrument that can stop you in your tracks with its character and expressiveness, as well as through Downing’s knack for laying out complex emotions in plainspoken, direct language.

Former Client:

Melissa Carper

“It’s a tricky thing that Carper has done. She clearly revels in recreating the music of her heroes, carefully preserving the sense of romantic and immediacy of the old classics. Yet by bringing her own experiences into the canon, she is unearthing a history that includes so many more of us, finally allowed to speak out through memories forgotten due to silence and taboo.”

-No Depression