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Vinyl Cup Exclusive Discography:

VCR-001 John Prine – Live (Orange Vinyl) Numbered, limited to 500 (SOLD OUT)

VCR-002 Vincent Neil Emerson – s/t (Orange Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 300 (SOLD OUT)

VCR-003 L.I.F.E. Project – EP (White Vinyl) Numbered, Signed, Limited to 100 w/ Josh Rand of Stone Sour

VCR-004 L.I.F.E. Project – EP (Coke Bottle Clear) Numbered, Signed, Limited to 100 Omaha Exclusive

VCR-005 Tre Burt – You, Yeah, You (Red/Blue Split Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 200 copies

VCR-006 Riddy Arman – s/t (Pink Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 200 Copies (Sold OUT)

VCR-007 Vincent Neil Emerson – Fried Chicken and Evil Women Orange, Limited to 500 copies (Limited Avail)

VCR-008 Melissa Carper – Daddy’s Country Gold,Orange Vinyl, Numbered, 500 Copies (100 to artist)

VCR/OBRS 009 – John Prine Tree of Forgiveness (Gold Vinyl) Road Show Exclusive 1,000

VCR/OBRS 010 ARLO McKinley Die Midwestern (Clear with Gold) Road Show Exclusive

VCR/OBRS 011 ARLO McKinley This Mess Were in (Clear with smoke) Road Show

VCR 012 Kelsey Waldon

VCR /OBRS 013 John Prine German Afternoons

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