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Welcome to the Vinyl Cup Exclusive Family, El Dorodo – Unincorporated, limited edition GOLD VINYL!

If you are familiar with Tyler Childers and the Food Stamps, Then you may recognize some members of El Dorodo (Craig Burletic, Rodney Elkins, James Barker). This album is their debut with 9 Gold Country Hits, already on their first release, technically speaking since this is gold vinyl… Not to mention in April 2023 they will make their Grand Ol Opry Debut in Nashville, TN. Beware, have extra socks handy cuz this record will knock off the ones you’re wearin… You were warned….

📸: Crag B

Vinyl Cup Exclusive Discography:

VCR-001 John Prine – Live (Orange Vinyl) Numbered, limited to 500 (SOLD OUT)

VCR-002 Vincent Neil Emerson – s/t (Orange Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 300 (SOLD OUT)

VCR-003 L.I.F.E. Project – EP (White Vinyl) Numbered, Signed, Limited to 100 w/ Josh Rand of Stone Sour

VCR-004 L.I.F.E. Project – EP (Coke Bottle Clear) Numbered, Signed, Limited to 100 Omaha Exclusive

VCR-005 Tre Burt – You, Yeah, You (Red/Blue Split Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 200 copies

VCR-006 Riddy Arman – s/t (Pink Vinyl) Numbered, Limited to 200 Copies (Sold OUT)

VCR-007 Vincent Neil Emerson – Fried Chicken and Evil Women Orange, Limited to 500 copies (Limited Avail)

VCR-008 Melissa Carper – Daddy’s Country Gold,Orange Vinyl, Numbered, 500 Copies (100 to artist)

VCR/OBRS 009 – John Prine Tree of Forgiveness (Gold Vinyl) Road Show Exclusive 1,000

VCR/OBRS 010 ARLO McKinley Die Midwestern (Clear with Gold) Road Show Exclusive

VCR/OBRS 011 ARLO McKinley This Mess Were in (Clear with smoke) Road Show

VCR 012 Kelsey Waldon

VCR /OBRS 013 John Prine German Afternoons

VCR 014 El Dorodo – Unincorporated, Limited to 500 copies, Gold Vinyl, Numbered