Covid-19 Response

Here’s is what we are doing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Join our Facebook group to purchase records in our virtual store!

On March 13th we started to phase our business from a brick and mortar back to how we started, a Facebook For Sale Group. Since then we have completely flipped how we sell records. With great gratitude to the many customers we were able to keep both of our shops open as well as open our Omaha Shop!

All three shops are open with social distancing guidelines set.

We also have free shipping options available if purchased from the Facebook group!

We ask kindly that when you’re visiting you do the following:
1- do NOT come if you are sick in any way or have a cough, sneeze, etc even if allergies 
2- use the hand sanitizer as provided when you come in and when you leave
3- Face mask must cover nose and face
4- stay 6ft away from the next person not in your party 
5- no parties of more than 2
6- no more than 5 customers in the store at one time 
7- wash your hands in the restroom before you come in as well 
8- don’t be a dick (we recommend not being this even when there’s not an active pandemic)
We will also be taking the extra steps to maintain cleanliness and sanitizing through your visit.

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