RSD 2020 – Drop #2

With all of the Chaos in the World RSD Is being held in three separate drops for 2020. August 29, September 26, and October 24.

Celebrating the culture of the indie record store 24/7/365.




Vinyl Cup Records Beaverdale & Marv’s Record Shop will both open at 9am. This will be as smooth as possible and we will have more titles than most shops. Vinyl Cup Omaha is not eligible to participate in RSD in 2020 (but check the store post RSD for leftovers!).

Remember, just as every RSD event VCUP can be used BUT there will be no discount applied to RSD purchases.

Vinyl Cup Records: 2815 Beaver Ave – Line up outside the building to the North by the entrance connected to the parking lot (not on fagen, not on beaver) DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING PRIOR TO 9AM until instructed by our staff. 9am open. AGAIN DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING PRIOR TO 9AM UNLESS INSTRUCTED TO DO SO BY OUR STAFF

Marv’s: 506 E 6th Street – Line up at our door to the south towards Grand Ave (not to the north as it will block the alley way. 9am open.

RSD Rules:

1- According to Des Moines Mayor Cownie’s New Order: Masks or other face coverings are REQUIRED for the event, No exception and you will not be allowed to participate without one. They will be provided. Must cover nose and mouth.

2- Hand sanitizer will be required and provided before touching the records

3- 6 ft of distance from the next person in line while waiting to come in.

4- we will allow groups to come in to keep us under capacity.

5- Dont Be A Dick, and have fun!

6- One title per customer, but buy as many titles as you want, no limit there haha!

We thank you for your patience and understanding during these difficult times. Lets all work together to Make this fun and exciting while celebrating independent shops.

Vinyl Cup Records List of Titles available:

(Artist/Number Available – If no number there is One Copy available.)

7″ Singles/45sd/10″

Bayside 2

Ol Dirty Bastard

Unrighteous Brothers (Paul Cauthen&Orville Peck) 4

Jimi Hendrix 8

Susto 4

Meat Puppets

Rolling Stones 12

33s/12″ Singles


Allman Brothers 3

Batman and robin

Doors 12

Death Piggy (GWAR) 4

Black Crowes 3

Coolio 3


Brandi Carlile 23

Fleetwood Mack 20

Primus 6

Hootie and the blowfish 7

George Clinton Mortal Combat 2

Dinosaur Jr 2

Grouplove 3

Solomon Burke

Canned Heat

Paul McCartney 4

Replacements 16

Ramones 7

Jerry Garcia 10

Jimi Hendrix 5

Gun Club 2

Residents 3

Squirrel Nut Zippers 4

Boys Next Door

Bill Evans 4

Screaming Jay Hawkins Because

Screaming Jay Hawkins What it is 3

Shooter Jennings 2

Son Volt

Roger Waters 3

Tegan and Sara

Brittney Spears


Mott The Hoople 2

Marvs Record Shop List of Titles available:

(Artist/Number Available – If no number there is One Copy available.)


Jimi Hendrix 6

Group Love 4

Susto 6

Unrighteous Brothers (Cauthen and Orville Peck) 5

Dead South

Meat Puppets

Hank Williams


Ol Dirty Bastard


Allman Brothers 3

Boys next door

Solomon Burke

Canned Heat

George Clinton/Mortal Kombat 3

Death Piggy GWAR 4

Dinosaur jr

Bill Evans 4

Fleetwood Mac 23

Gun Club 2

Screamin Jay Hawkins Because 2

Screaming Jay Hawkins What it is 4

Mott The Hoople 2

Nas 2

Primus 9

Ramones 9

Residents 2

Shooter Jennings 3

Son Volt 2

Roger Waters 2


Batman and Robin 2

Black Crowes 5

Brandi Carlile 30

Hackers 2

Hootie and the Blowfish 10

Replacements 20

Squirrel nut zippers 5

Tegan and Sara


Coolio 4

Doors 12

Jerry Garcia 10

Notorious BIG

Paul McCartney 6

Britney Spears 2

Yardbirds 2

Rolling Stones 8

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