Marv’s Record Store Day 2022

MARV’S Record Store Day was a GIANT success thank you all for participating. Our titles left over are now on MARV’S Online Shop

Vinyl cup did not participate in RSD and will not be involved with this process other than assisting with shipping.

Important info when buying Marv’s RSD online product:

Des Moines Pick up Only at Marv’s Record Shop. You will get an email when ready to pick up. All items will be shipped within 5 business days of your order. 

No Coupon Codes used on RSD titles. Coupons used on an order will auto-cancel and you will not get product unless re-purchased at the listed price. 

ONE SINGLE Title PER CUSTOMER, You may purchase as many different titles as you want, just not 2 of one title. If you purchase 2 of a title your order is instantly cancelled without any communication from us and a refund will be sent. 

ONCE PURCHASED, you are agreeing to the following return policy:

We only accept returns on defective media. We will not accept returns for cover damage. We will ship out your record with 2 filler albums and a vinyl lp shipper. It may acquire corner dings, minor corner bends. We will not send out your product with substantial damage, if we feel it is substantial we will reach out to you. Again, there are NO RETURNS for cover damage, only media play defects. Do not purchase if you are very serious about a perfect cover, things happen.

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